The CRUMBS Project joins SheCanCode for their Spilling The T podcast on combatting digital exclusion

SheCanCode is a collaborative community working to tackle the tech gender gap and their Spilling The T podcast talks to women in Tech about their experiences. Janet Miller, Digital Skills Trainer at The CRUMBS Project, recently talked to Kayleigh Bateman from SheCanCode about her career and how she became a leader in combatting the digital divide amongst adults in Bournemouth.

Over 5 million people in the UK lack basic digital skills, a situation made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic when internet access became a lifeline for many people. The CRUMBS Project is on a mission to address this gap, providing training and support for adults with disabilities to build confidence and capability in the digital realm.

In the podcast Season 10 Episode 3, Janet and Kayleigh chat all things #Digitalexclusion. They talk about the importance of equipping people with the #DigitalSkills to participate in the online world.

Janet speaks about her personal story of transformation and the powerful influence of embracing change to impact lives within her community.

In the podcast Janet talks about the work of The CRUMBS Project through the #PowerUp 2.0 initiative by Good Things Foundation with financial support from J.P. Morgan. This has enabled The CRUMBS Project to provide digital skills training to adults with disabilities and enable them to use digital tools to build their confidence, community, and self-expression.

Janet also shares how Virgin Media O2 and Good Things Foundation have supported The CRUMBS Project to empower people to bridge the digital divide through #GetOnlineWeek.

Janet said: “We’re passionate about defying perceptions and expectations and creating opportunities for people so that they can take the skills that they learn inside Crumbs, and practically take them out into a work based environment.”

Listen to the full podcast:
Spilling The T: Season 10 Episode 3: Combatting digital exclusion