Trainee Stories

Every day, our trainees take the opportunity to learn new skills and change their lives for the better. Learn more about some of our trainees and what they have to say about their CRUMBS journey.


Sarah joined CRUMBS after being made redundant and was looking for a way to gain new skills and boost her confidence to re-join the workforce. Sarah is autistic and has benefited from having a clear and structured training programme at CRUMBS where her strong attention to detail has helped her to progress through her chosen learning units. Sarah’s confidence has grown during her time with CRUMBS, she has made many new friends and often organises social activities with other trainees. The CRUMBS My PATHS programme has helped Sarah to complete work placements and become ready for a new career.

“When I first started at CRUMBS, I was nervous and shy because I didn’t know anyone. When I got to know people, I started to make friends and have always enjoyed going to CRUMBS. I have learnt lots of new skills in the Kitchen and in the Bakery. CRUMBS is a good place to go, and the staff are really friendly”.


Facing many challenges including severe physical disabilities and autism did not deter William from joining CRUMBS to learn new skills and move towards independent living. In addition to completing foundation units in Food Production & Service, he has gained new digital skills and experience in interacting online with others and has grown in confidence. Through William’s programme with CRUMBS, it is hoped he will complete work experience with Rick Stein and find employment.

“When I joined CRUMBS, I was nervous and shy, but the staff really supported me and made me feel comfortable. They’ve helped me to try new things and inspired my cooking so that I can make lots of different things now. I really enjoy the Bakery, especially making chocolate cookies and flapjacks. If I described CRUMBS to someone else, I would tell them it is the best place ever!”


With learning disabilities and a developmental disorder Hannah overcame challenges adjusting to a catering environment to learn practical skills and gain knowledge through her Food Production & Service training programme to enable her to volunteer at a local community café. She hopes to move into employment soon.

“I’ve really enjoyed being at CRUMBS and to describe it to other people I would say it’s a friendly and safe environment, where the people are very helpful, and I’ve really enjoyed learning new skills”.


From a disadvantaged background and with learning difficulties and cerebral palsy which impairs his co-ordination, when Dennis joined CRUMBS he wanted to increase his confidence and independence by learning cooking skills which he could use at home to help feed himself and his family.

In addition to achieving a foundation certificate in Food Production & Service he has completed learning modules in Health & Safety and Food Safety and has increased his digital skills through studying online modules and interacting with other trainees and staff via video conferencing.

“CRUMBS has helped me to be more confident especially in talking to new people. To describe CRUMBS to other people, I would say it’s a really caring place and the learning has made me feel like a millionaire!”.


Georgia has learning disabilities and a history of mental health issues. She joined CRUMBS shortly before the first Covid-19 lockdown and had her training and development programme extended due to the interruptions.

“CRUMBS has been good for me. It’s helped with my self-esteem and keeps me busy as I’m getting out of the house and doing something productive. I really enjoy making things in the Bakery especially chocolate breads and brownies. I get a sense of satisfaction and am proud of myself when I learn to make new things”.