Trainee Stories

We strongly believe adults with disabilities or mental health conditions have the right to feel included and valued in society. Learn more about some of our trainees and what they have to say about their Crumbs’ journey.


Luke is neurodivergent. He has great determination to progress and develop as a person. Through our ‘PATHS’ employability programme Luke has completed a work placement with Rick Stein Restaurants. He has been able to build his confidence and prove how he can adapt to working in an industry leading professional environment.

So impressed by his professionalism and work ethic, Luke has gained his first paid job as front of house with Rick Stein Sandbanks Restaurant.

Start quoteCrumbs has done a lot to help me to achieve my ambitions. The support, praise, and recognition has really given me a boost. Crumbs has felt like a second home to me. It has changed my life. End quote

CRUMBS trainee Luke at work in Rick Stein's restaurant
CRUMBS trainee Sarah


Sarah has a learning disability. After finding herself living alone in the family home, she joined The CRUMBS Project to learn how to take care of herself and be more independent.

Sarah has benefited from following a structured programme of training units. She can now shop on a budget, prepare meals for herself, safely clean, and look after her own home. She uses the digital skills she has learnt to keep in touch with her family and friends which helps her social connections.

Sarah now has paid employment. She also volunteers with us to share her learning experiences to support other trainees.

Start quote I’ve learnt so many new skills and am now able to look after myself. I enjoy sharing what I’ve learnt with others. Crumbs is a supportive place and the staff are really friendly. End quote


Mark has Down’s Syndrome and a learning disability. He is interested in cooking and preparing his own meals. He has joined The CRUMBS Project to learn new skills and be more independent.

Mark enjoys working in the kitchen, bakery, and computer room alongside other trainees. Training with us means he has valuable social contact and follows a structured routine with meaningful activity.

Mark is now cooking at home and is looking after himself more. He has started to develop digital skills to help him to use his voice and make decisions for himself.

Start quoteI love it at Crumbs! I’ve realised how much I can do. I can cook some really tasty things by myself now. I feel a lot more confident and have made some nice friends here. End quote

CRUMBS trainee Mark
CRUMBS trainee Hannah


Hannah has a delayed neurological development disorder. She has a friendly and outgoing personality. She joined The CRUMBS Project to help her to overcome obstacles and develop skills for employment.

Hannah has worked through Food Production & Service training units and has been part of our ‘PATHS’ employability programme. Alongside voluntary work, she has trained in customer service along with improving her communication and listening skills.

At the end of her training Hannah has moved into part-time paid employment.

Start quote Crumbs is a friendly and safe environment and the staff made me feel welcome. I have gained so many skills and changed so much through being at Crumbs. I’ve really built my confidence up. End quote


Matthew is neurodivergent. He has always been interested in cooking and baking. He joined The CRUMBS Project to learn a variety of cooking and baking techniques and to help him to prepare to get a job.

Matthew has successfully gained a Certificate in Food Production & Service. He has been part of our PATHS employability programme and has developed customer service and employment skills.

Matthew was The CRUMBS Project’s ’Trainee of the Year’ and received the Destination Management Board ‘Tony Williams Young Innovator Award 2022’. He is now in paid employment.

Start quote I really grew as a person at Crumbs and enjoyed learning something new every day. I now feel I’m worth something and I’ve learnt to look after myself. End quote

CRUMBS trainee Matthew