makes donation to The CRUMBS Project

Hospitality industry online recruitment solution has chosen The CRUMBS Project (Crumbs) as a preferred charity helping those working in the Hospitality sector.

Crumbs along with Hospitality Action and Only A Pavement Away, have received a donation from as part of their Christmas giving campaign.

This donation recognises the work of Crumbs in supporting mixed-ability adults, through professional training and development programmes, into employment within the Hospitality sector.

Professor Peter. A. Jones, Chair of The CRUMBS Project said:

“It is an honour for Crumbs to be recognised by along with the other notable charities, Hospitality Action, and Only A Pavement Away. Collectively, the work these three charities is contributing a great deal to help people to get into and to stay in work within the Hospitality industry”.

Crumbs’ trainees, staff and volunteers supporting Christmas events in the local community December 2022

Happy Holidays to our hospitality family! |

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