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With 23% of adults in Dorset County considered to be obese, it is becoming increasingly important for service providers within the food industry to offer healthy food options, especially where catering for functions is concerned. Catering for such a function, whether it is a wedding, party, fundraiser or business meeting can be a stressful affair, especially if you are under increasing pressure to provide food that is both delicious and nutritious. Crumbs has been in the catering industry since 1997, providing a range of food-related services that are not only well-priced but appetizing both to the eye and the palate as well.

What’s on the menu?

The management and staff of Crumbs pride themselves on using the freshest ingredients when creating their healthy and tantalizing cuisine. Although they regularly change their menus, customers can be assured that they only offer products of the highest quality. Balance is imperative in healthy eating and the Crumbs healthy-eating menu reflects this principle wholeheartedly. A variety of salads, ranging from goats cheese & olive to beetroot, red onion & carrot are complemented by freshly-baked pastries including ham & wholegrain mustard muffins, home-made chickpea bites and sumptuous pizza slices with sun-dried tomato and cheese.

It’s not just the Healthy-Eating Buffet menu that sports wholesome food choices though. The Cold-Fork Buffet allows you to mix-and-match your choices in such a way to ensure that you meet your daily nutritional requirements in terms of vitamins and minerals. A chicken breast stuffed with Stilton & walnut and served with a side of Mediterranean peppers and Greek salad makes for a healthy and delicious meal, bursting with lean protein, colourful vegetables and calcium-rich cheese.

What about dessert?

No meal is complete without a hint of something sweet at the end, a tradition which often results in even the most dedicated dieters cracking under the pressure. It is therefore of vital importance to not only offer healthy options in terms of starters and mains but dessert as well. While an indulgent chocolate mousse cake may prove to be irresistible at the best of times, it helps to have healthier offerings available to lessen the temptation somewhat.  Although Crumbs specializes in decadent cakes and pastries, they also offer a range of healthy dessert options such as beautifully-arranged fresh fruit platters, fruity flapjacks and chewy fruit bars.

When the late Ann Gardner founded Crumbs 21 years ago she had a clear vision – one of upliftment, inspiration and bringing joy and purpose to everyday life through food.  Today the organisation not only teaches valuable skills to some of the most vulnerable residents of South-England but helps promote well being amongst the community by offering healthy, well-balanced and delicious meals for all occasions as well.

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